About Viv

Our mission
To inspire people feel fabulous at any age

Our Story
Everything starts with an idea. When the idea is backed up with experience – it is already a great way to go. When it is based on aggregating the latest research and technology – it all becomes a perfect combo.
How did it all begin
But first things first: How did it all begin? Everything started approximately 5 years ago when our CEO, an exec of a fast-paced hi-tech company, developed a typical work stress-related disease – high blood pressure. Sleeping poorly at night, low workday energy, irritation at home and work. Typical symptoms of a typical stressed out manager, right? At the time he was lucky to find a doctor who told it straight: there is no medical substance to treat this disease. It can be fixed ONLY through lifestyle changes. He took the advice to heart and started to prep for his first half-marathon. He followed his first race with a marathon, then a half Ironman, and then a full Ironman race. From a focus on movement and activity, he expanded to healthy eating and stress management techniques. He is well over 50 now, and no longer has a problem with blood pressure. Thanks to the lifestyle changes made, he now feels energetic and ready for action every single day!
How did it all begin

And that is how the whole thing started. Being passionate about technology and longevity, we decided to start Viv: a company that uses the latest global research and technology to help users slow down aging through a series of carefully targeted lifestyle changes. We are not making promises that you will complete an Ironman race next year, but if you follow our advice for just 10 minutes a day, our app will help you become healthier, more energetic, and more satisfied with your appearance.

Our Team

We are a small team of talented and hard-working professionals passionate about longevity, health and wellness. Focused on the latest research and technology, we work to make our app better every day. Interested in joining us? Share your knowledge and experience and help millions to live longer and feel better. We’d love to hear from you at hello@viv.health!