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Viv is a unique tool designed to give you the right knowledge, skills, and habits on how to look and feel young again, defy aging and live longer in just 10 min a day.

The Viv team of world-class medical doctors has distilled all the latest global research on longevity into easy-to-follow programs that are proven to work.

VIV has done the hardest work for people - distilled the latest research into actionable programs. It’s packed with longevity tips and daily practical steps for users regarding healthy nutrition, exercise, and behavior.
Chong He, Ph.D., Biochemistry
Postdoc researcher at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Senior Scientist at Staidson BioPharma
Viv is a useful tool that summarizes the latest global research on healthy aging in plain, easy-to-understand English. Essentially, Viv is a personal longevity assistant on a smartphone which helps users to live longer, healthier and happier lives.
Viv mentor Brian Kennedy, Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry and Physiology
National University of Singapore
Viv made a great job of delivering evidence-based lifestyle recommendations in an easy and fun way. This app gathers and delivers the latest scientific evidence about lifestyle interventions that can prolong an active and healthy life.
Veronika Piskovatska, MD, Internal Medicine
Doctoral researcher, department of Heart surgery, University clinic Halle, Germany

How you age is 7% genetics and 93% choice*.
Your lifespan is in your hands.

Developed by Longevity Experts

Viv programs are designed in collaboration with experts in biochemistry, physiology, healthy aging, nutritional health. Programs are based on 500+ scientific sources and decades of research.

Step-by-step Guided Format

Viv will help you bring life-extending rituals into your life. Step-by-step in a guided format without radical changes so it all feels easy and natural. No gyms, workouts, special equipment or deprivation dieting.

Perfect for Busy People

Learn on-the-go with audio versions. Save time! Just follow Viv’s advice instead of wasting hours trying to find the right research-backed information on the Internet or searching through books.

As Viv gets to know you and your habits better, its artificial intelligence-based algorithms will customize your goals and personalize programs specifically for you.
* Ruby, J. Graham, et al. “Estimates of the Heritability of Human Longevity Are Substantially Inflated due to Assortative Mating.” Genetics 210.3 (2018): 1109-1124.

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